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SA Tea  is a progressive company with a view to penetrating global markets with uniquely South African products; primarily Rooibos Tea.  SA Tea is the bulk supplier of Rooibos and Honeybush teas in quantities from a pallet  to a full container loads.                     


To supply top quality Rooibos tea and allied products to the international market at competitive prices; whilst providing a highly personalised service as quickly and efficiently as possible. We strive to create a "win-win" business climate in which  SA Tea,  the distributor, and the consumer benefit from mutual effort, support and co-operation.

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SA Tea operates primarily via distributorships that are established and operated independently. Marketing strategies and sales initiatives employed by SA Tea distributorships vary considerably world-wide according to factors such as: culture, economic climate, social structures, goals and personal style of distributors, and the time and financial resources available.

We  offer the products and the opportunity !     

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Rooibos(Red Bush) Products.

The tea is a unique health beverage grown and produced only in the Western Cape region of South Africa, due to the weather conditions. Rooibos is gaining popularity all over the world and the  demand is increasing globally for this natural product. Rooibos tea is economical and simple  to prepare.

For the health conscious, its many benefits include a wealth of minerals essential to good health, such as iron, manganese, calcium and zinc. It is low in harmful tannin, caffeine free and makes a refreshing (hot or cold) drink, with a characteristic sweet taste.

In addition , Rooibos tea reportedly relieves a variety of skin irritations , digestive disorders and respiratory ailments (hay fever, asthma , etc.).   Most notable are reports of its effectiveness in relieving allergies and colic in infants.

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The product is attractively packaged  and geared to appeal to the discerning international market. The individual  boxes are ready to be sold direct to individuals, health shops, tea shops and restaurants. We also stock Honeybush tea which has similar properties to Rooibos tea but is much sweeter.