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Product Information

Rooibos Tea is available  in a carton which holds either :
Boxes/Pouches per Carton
Teabags Per Box/Pouch
Weight Per Box/ Pouch
Minimum Order
40 Boxes
100 gram
60 Cartons
Organic grade /Natural
40 Boxes
100 gram
60 Cartons
Super grade /Natural
12 Boxes
50 gram
260 Cartons
Super grade/ Flavours
240 gram
½ Pallet
Organic individually wrapped teabags. 40 teabags per Flavour. Natural/Vanilla/Green
80 Pouches
50 gram
60 Cartons
Super grade/Organic grade/ Natural Flavoured Super grade Tea.
Ideal for Repackaging.
*Rooibos Tea Leaves:    Loose leaves packed in 18 kilogram bags. Available in three different grades namely: Organic grade, Supergrade and Choice grade.
(Minimum Order: 1 Pallet = 900 Kg)

*Rooibos Tea Powder: Fine rooibos powder/dust packed in 18 Kg bags.
(Minimum Order: 1 Pallet = 900 Kg)

*Rooibos Flavoured Tea:  packed in plain foil 50 gram pouches and are available in these  flavours: Blackcurrant, Peach, Mango, Orange, Cranberry, Vanilla, Earl Grey, Cinnamon, Honey, Strawberry and Lemon. Other flavours can be produced on request.
(Minimum Order: 1 Pallet = 4800 pouches/ 60 cartons)

*HoneyBush Tea: Available in teabags or alternatively in loose leaf (18 Kg bags).
Minimum Order: 1 Pallet = 900 Kg)

Prices available on request.      
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SA Rooibos Tea Supplies holds Halaal & Kosher certification.
SA Rooibos Tea Supplies holds certification from NSF in Good Manufacturing Practice; as well as BRC certification for excellence in hygiene and safety standards for a food manufacturing facility.
SA Rooibos Tea Supplies is certified with ECO-Cert, Germany as packer of quality tested and internationally approved Organic products.
SA Tea is the marketing, sales and communications division of SA Rooibos Tea Supplies.
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